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Schuylkill Aerial and Wellness

Aerial Yoga

HMR Class

Relaxation & Stress Reduction

Private Group Classes








for recurring Tuesday,  and Thursday 6:30pm, Saturday 10:00am

 Intro/Beginner Aerial Hammock Fitness, 

Saturday 12:00pm  for Strengthening and Basic Hammock Use,

FREE 30 minute Introduction to Massage Rolling with Heavy Metal Rollerz after classes.

Saturday 12:00pm You CAN Do Aerial-Foundations class monthly.

Booking for Private Classes and Parties tailored to your choice of class! 

Call to BOOK NOW 

or on Vagaro


Health Benefits of 

Aerial Hammock Fitness?

*Strengthens your Core and Muscles being a Full Body Workout

*Increases Flexibility with Stretching

*Improves your Posture by Elongating Your Spine

*Decompresses your Neck, Spine and Joints

*Improves your Balance using Yoga Postures and the Hammock

*Reduces Stress and Tension, It's so Relaxing

*Reduce Muscle and Joint Pain

*Improves Blood Circulation

*Improves Focus and Brain Function

*It's Really FUN!

Aerial Hammock Fitness Classes

‘Hang Out’ With Us A fun new way to strengthen, stretch, reduce stress, relax  and challenger your balance using a hammock suspended from the ceiling! Your body and mind will feel so much better after this class using traditional Yoga poses, Pilates strengthening exercises, Inversions to lengthen the spine, Tricks and Relaxation in the hammock at the end the class.  

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HMR Strengthen and Relax

A BRAND NEW way to strengthen, tone and relax your muscles using a WEIGHTED Massage Roller, Heavy Metal Rollerz!  Just 8 exercises  for a warm up, 8 standing and 8 seated exercises ONLY 8 repetitions each!  Slow consistent weighted movements are the key to this workout.  Roll away tense muscles ,stress. And muscle pain.

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 Group & Individual Private Classes

Reserve a private class for your group for Aerial Yoga Hammock, Fitness class or Presentation at the studio or at your facility!  Use this for a fun family activity, party or work group to include Work meetings, Partner Yoga, Tricks and Relaxation.  $75 minimum covers up to 6 students in an Aerial Yoga Hammock class, then $12 per person after 7 and up to 12. That's a 12 person group class for $144!  Fitness classes up to 24.  

Call to schedule


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Please contact us for more information and inquiry.


200 East Norwegian St. (side/ part of Ryon Insurance Bldg)

Pottsville, PA  17901


(570) 573-5932

This is the best and fastest way to contact us.  You can call or text for immediate assistance. 


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